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Issue: Athletic Training for Ironman (Triathlete – Swim, Bike, Run)

“During my preparation to compete in the Ironman Triathlon in 2008, Dr. Reyna helped me overcome various physiological ailments. I had troubled knees (running/biking), ankles (running), neck/back (biking/running), and shoulders (swimming). In conjunction with my stretching & massage therapy, Dr. Reyna was an integral part of my whole-body healing and health. Thank you so much for contributing to my dream of completing Ironman!!!” ~Donald S.

Issue: Chronic Daily Headaches

“I suffered with chronic headaches for several years, requiring 600-800 mg of ibuprofen several times daily. I was seeing a chiropractor regularly with limited results. I thought this was going to be the way I had to live the rest of my life and became accustomed to muddling through each day with pain. I started seeing Dr. Reyna for acupuncture treatments to specifically deal with my headaches and before I knew it, they were completely gone! I no longer require any ibuprofen and it’s all thanks to the wonderful talent and skill of Dr. Reyna. She’s fabulous! I am enjoying my new life free of pain and OTC medication!” ~Amanda S.

Issue: Athletic Training (Runner), Immune System

“I’ve incorporated acupuncture from Beautiful Ama Acupuncture into my wellness plan (in addition to chiropractic adjustments and shiatsu massage/exercise/positive mental attitude etc) a little over a year ago. I feel it has been very helpful in keeping me functioning at my best whether that is my health/ immune function or in my athletic endeavors. Thank you Dr. Reyna; you do great work! ” ~Kori M.

Issue: Carpal Tunnel, Depression, Low Back Pain, Muscle Spasms

“Dr. Reyna is a fabulous acupuncturist who provides individualized care for her clients based on a thorough health history. Her approach to wellness includes an in-depth understanding of nutrition and herbal medicine, and the environment is clean and comfortable. Dr. Reyna has helped me with muscle spasms, lower back pain, carpal tunnel and depression. She was able to diminish my physical symptoms and provide support for lifestyle changes. When faced with my next health challenge, I know Dr. Reyna will help.” ~Jean E.

Issue: Carpal Tunnel, Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

“My initial Acupuncture treatment was for Carpal Tunnel and had such amazing success, I used it for other health issues with similar results. Following those results, I decided to see if Dr. Reyna could get me off two very disagreeable BPH prescriptions. After some trial and adjustments I was able to discontinue both Rx for enlarged prostate and have not used them for more then two years. This is all interesting considering my previous refusal to consider any alternative medicine treatments. I am now a convert.” ~Tom S.

Issue: PMDD, Perimenopause, Epilepsy

“Dr. Reyna has a gift. I have PMDD, early perimenopause, and epilepsy. I struggled with PMDD for the last fifteen years and perimenopause since I was 28. Doctors either didn’t care, weren’t able to find a way to help, or recommended hysterectomy. Dr. Reyna’s extensive knowledge of herbs has made it so that I rarely, if ever, have problems from either the PMDD or perimenopause. My epilepsy was exacerbated by my hormone issues, and since getting that under control with the proper herbs, my seizures come infrequently at that time and are not as violent as they were before I was being seen by Dr. Reyna. Dr. Reyna has improved my quality of life greatly by being such a caring herbalist. Thank you, Beautiful Ama!” ~Kate B.

Issue: Shoulder and Hip Pain

“I thoroughly enjoyed all the treatments Dr. Reyna has given me. I worked as a secretary sitting at a computer all day. I had severe pain in my shoulders and hips. I see a chiropractor weekly for adjustments but that still didn’t get rid of the pain. Bi-monthly visits with Dr. Reyna took care of the pain and released the tense muscles. I really enjoyed visiting with her during each appointments too. She just didn’t focus on one area but the whole body. I highly recommend her services to everyone and anyone who need relief of pain or just release from stress.” ~Robin D.

Issue: Peripheral Artery Disease, Liver Cirrhosis

“I am so happy that I had Dr. Reyna to turn to in my real time of need! After multiple surgeries to relieve the pain and numbness in my legs, I chose to have Dr. Reyna give it a try. I had very quick relief of a lot of my symptoms. After all the time, energy & anxiety along with sleepless nights I was finally able to just lay down and go to sleep virtually pain-free. I tell everyone I know with any kind of pain to just call her and give it a try. I will recommend her to anyone, anytime! I am so proud of you! You are so diverse” ~Jim S.

Issue: Headaches, Digestion, Stress

“Dr. Reyna has been my acupuncturist for the past 4 years. I am an acupuncturist myself and completely trust Dr. Reyna’s knowledge, skills, and passion in Chinese medicine. She has helped me with various issues ranging from headaches, digestion, and stress. I always look forward to my visits with Dr. Reyna. I always feel better and much more relaxed. Thanks Dr. Reyna!” ~Christine K.

Issue: Stress

“I’ve been going to Dr. Reyna for a little over a year now. The first time I had my session, I did not have any education on the process or what acupuncture was about, but Dr. Reyna educated me right away. The main reason why I see Dr. Reyna is for stress and relaxation. In my full time job I dispatch for a busy plumbing and heating company, which is a very intense job for 13 hours each shift; I also have a part time job. Even my technicians notice how much more relaxed and calm I am the next day after a treatment, so they fully appreciate the work that Dr. Reyna does for me. I’m always a little less intense for the next week or so, so they also thank her as well!! I wish I could see her more, and I definitely tell people about how much I love my treatments when I have them!” ~Danielle L.

Issue: Weight Issues, Moods, PMS, Addiction

“Dr. Reyna and Beautiful Ama are a blessing. I have been seeing Dr. Reyna mostly for weight loss and some stress related issues including irritability and emotional ups and downs, severe premenstrual symptoms, and memory loss. I have been pleasantly impressed with the results of my time and treatments with Dr. Reyna. I have lost weight, about 13 pounds and several inches, my moods have balanced out, memory and ability to handle stress have increased, and my premenstrual symptoms are non-existent. Not only is Dr. Reyna an amazingly intelligent practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese Food Therapy, but she is an absolute pleasure to know and share time with. I am now starting a new program with Dr. Reyna to quit a bad habit, in which I am confident that she will encourage and enable me to continue on my path of health and healing. Highly recommended to all.” ~Kristie J.

Issue: Back and Neck Pain, Hives, Athletic Training (Triathlete – Swim, Bike, Run)

“I have been seeing Dr. Reyna over the past year for multiple issues. I initially went to her for my chronic back and neck pain. It was amazing that even with one visit I could start to feel my muscles loosen! Most recently I have seen Dr. Reyna for an allergy, which started last July. I had no idea where my allergy was coming from and my symptoms were starting to worsen. With Dr. Reyna’s help we were able to get my allergy under control by using acupuncture and herbs. Dr. Reyna not only helped me by treating me but also gave me ideas of where to start trying to pinpoint this allergy. It turns out that I am highly sensitive to fragrance which seems almost impossible to escape in everyday life, with Dr. Reyna’s help I have been able to keep my allergy under control. Dr. Reyna has so much passion for what she does, I would recommend her to anyone!” ~Ashly S.

Issue: Allergies, Sports Injuries (Runner)

“Dr. Reyna is a gifted acupuncturist. I’m grateful to have her on my “go to” health practitioner “crew”. I have seen Dr. Reyna off & on since she opened her practice, for a variety of ailments. I love her holistic approach and appreciate how she listens deeply, considers the whole picture, and works WITH me as a partner in my health care. Dr. Reyna’s clients benefit from how thorough, thoughtful, flexible and accessible she is. Dr. Reyna has the skill, art and heart of her healing profession. I highly recommend her to friends and neighbors (anyone!) seeking acupuncture treatment.” ~Margaret Y.

Issue: Stress, Menstrual Issues, Headaches, Pain, Digestion Problems

“The decision to get acupuncture is probably the best health decision I ever made in my life! I love the atmosphere at Beautiful Ama, and Dr. Reyna is an extremely talented practitioner. I started seeing Dr. Reyna when she opened her clinic because I had high stress, horrific menstrual issues, headaches, pain, and digestion problems. Using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and dietary recommendations, Dr. Reyna has helped me immensely with my issues. She is very adaptable, and adjusts her treatments based on what I say is my highest priority issue. I still get acupuncture from Dr. Reyna regularly and I strongly believe that without these treatments I would not be the healthy person I am.” ~Angela G.

Issue: Stress, Depression, Low Energy, PMS, Menstrual Issues

“I’ve been visiting Dr. Reyna for a couple of months now dealing with stress, low energy, depression, PMS & other menstrual issues and most recently sciatic pain. I’ve seen steady improvement with both acupuncture and herbs! Dr. Reyna is very easy to talk with about any problem. Her main concern is the whole patient feeling well, not just solving one issue. I would highly recommend her services!” ~Michelle L.

Issue: Pain

“Dr. Reyna is wonderful! She has created a very welcoming and calming atmosphere. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to know you as a “whole” rather than just treating for your pain. Go see her!!” ~Tracy V.

Issue: Common Cold, Flu, Allergies

“When I am in a pinch and need to get rid of my cold symptoms, allergies, or the occasional fever / stomach bug Dr. Reyna is my acupuncturist of choice. She is caring and passionate about her work and goes the extra mile to get me in and feeling well again!” ~Sam M.

Issue: Low Back Pain

“Low back pain sent me to Dr. Reyna initially. I left feeling great, so I’ve been going back to see her for almost a year now. Dr. Reyna’s beautiful, serene space sets the tone for the healing service she offers. Wow.” ~Laurie P.

Issue: Pregnancy Headaches, Natural Childbirth

“Dr. Reyna helped me at the beginning of my pregnancy when I was getting bad headaches. She also helped to explain what kind of foods I should be eating and what I was lacking in my diet. When I was full-term, I went to Dr. Reyna for a natural jump-start to labor. She was very careful and made things very comfortable for me – which was important being that I was over 9 months pregnant. That very night I went into labor and delivered my son. I will never forget how much Dr. Reyna helped me. Dr. Reyna has great enthusiasm for what she is doing, and her dedication to her patient’s health and happiness is evident. Thank you, Dr. Reyna!” ~Meagan A.

Issue: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

“Dr. Reyna’s service was comprehensive, professional, and personal and I’ve already recommended her to a few friends. She went out of her way to understand my physical and emotional status before treatment, to learn the bigger picture, which was unexpected and refreshing. As well, Dr. Reyna is down to earth and her clinic, which is in her home, is comfy and warm. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I used it in combination with advice from a conventional medicine doctor, exercise, and meditation, in order to move beyond my pelvic floor dysfunction diagnosis. All symptoms have vanished for the most part.” ~Kristin H.

Issue: Seasonal Allergies, Moods, Sleep Issues

“Last year, I decided to try acupuncture for my seasonal allergies, since no amount of medicine seemed to benefit. The treatments helped alleviate my symptoms, as well as leaving me in a peaceful state of mind. Mood balance and good sleep were immediate, positive side effects of acupuncture. Now I am even bringing the whole family for treatments.” ~Xavier H.

Issue: Stress, Low Energy, Weight Loss

“Dr. Reyna is an awesome person, and talented Acupuncturist. My intake was two hours long…probably because I had a lot of ‘stuff’ to cover. I felt the results immediately after my first session: my mind was calm, I had an internal feeling of energy that didn’t get away from me throughout that long day, as I typically start off energetic then exhausted by bedtime. I was amazed at how my appetite lessened too. Overall I felt in control of my day, vs. my day controlling me. THANKS Dr. Reyna!!!” ~Laura J.

Issue: Stress, Insomnia

“I am so grateful that Dr. Reyna introduced the ear acupuncture. I have never experienced a treatment that provides the complete relaxation before and after that this treatment offers. I love the value, it is a great price that allows me to have repeat treatments when I am feeling stressed, or experience difficulty with sleep. I highly recommend it to those who have never tried or are new to the world of acupuncture. Not to mention that Dr. Reyna is a wonderful caring practitioner. Thanks Dr. Reyna!” ~Peggy S.

Issue: Low Back Pain, Stress, Tobacco Addiction

“I went to Dr. Reyna beginning in October of 2009 for low back pain and for stress. The treatments were fantastic! I was never so relaxed in my life and the back pain has been nonexistent for over a year now. Dr. Reyna also helped me to kick a tobacco addiction which was very hard to let go of but I have been tobacco free since December of 2009 thanks to Dr. Reyna. Dr. Reyna is very compassionate and understands how people feel. I feel like the causes of my issues were treated as opposed to trying to just make a symptom go away. I will always recommend Dr. Reyna and Beautiful Ama to anybody.” ~John P.

Issue: Pain, Stress

“Hello, this is Sir Jeffrey from SAINT. Well, what’s that all about and how does it relate to comments about my sessions at Beautiful Ama Acupuncture. Its about life change and overcoming the blocks of physical and also emotional that are embedded in our makeups. Dr. Reyna is very qualified to root them out and deliver a compassionate plan for your life changes. It is no less than a blessing to have her care and support. Thank you Ama.” ~Jeffrey K.

Issue: Depression, Lack of Motivation, Sleep Issues, Leg Numbness

“Beautiful Ama is set in a comfortable, residential studio. As a therapist, Dr. Reyna is caring, empathetic, and professional. She effectively bridges the divide in bringing wisdom of the East to those of us living in the West. This was my first experience with accupuncture and I’d recommend Dr. Reyna and Beautiful Ama to someone considering acupuncture for the first time or for someone whose first experience with another provider wasn’t what was hoped for.” ~Tony S.

Issue: Hand Pain with Weakness and Numbness

“For some unknown reason, I could feel my right arm getting weaker, or feeling numb. Then, I could not move my right arm high enough to reach the desk to type. If I used my left hand to put my right hand in place, I could type just fine. But to lift my right arm by itself was extremely painful. Sleeping was painful, as anytime I rolled over on my right side, I woke in pain. My medical doctor said to try chiropractor. I went to a chiropractor a couple of times and a masseuse a few times, and after about 3 weeks in pain, someone suggested acupuncture. The first session, almost no results. The second, I knew it was better. After the third session it was gone and I have been perfect ever since. Thanks Dr. Reyna.” ~Les C.

Issue: Low Back Pain (Sciatica)

“The moment I was up and off the table, I knew that my body would begin to “heal” from my pain. WOW! For three years I had gone to chiropractors, done stretching, yoga and massage without any relief from my sciatica. In that first session with Dr. Reyna it was almost GONE! To me that was incredible. Before seeing her, my fear was that my hip pain would become a life changing problem. I hated that thought. I depend on my body for a living. A friend suggested seeing Dr. Reyna for help. I couldn’t delay because the pain was so bad. Dr. Reyna was fantastic! She has such a caring and intuitive nature to her approach with acupuncture. I felt at ease immediately. I could tell that she saw her work in an artistic way, very creative. I ran home and emailed everyone I knew with my happy results. Some of them went to see her and they were just as amazed! I have gone back and will continue to see Dr. Reyna for maintenance. At 47 taking care of my body is no longer a choice. Yes, yoga and massage are wonderful things, but for me not as necessary as acupuncture. Let Dr. Reyna guide you through the healing process that acupuncture will take you. It’s the best gift that you can give yourself. Namaste!” ~Dana T.

Issue: Carpal Tunnel, Constipation, Needle Sensitivity

“Dr. Reyna, I want to thank you for the startling results I’ve received through your treatment of my carpal tunnel syndrome and constipation. My long days at the computer had caused me to have to sleep and drive with braces on both wrists. I put them away and haven’t used them since completion of the series of acupuncture treatments. With my oversensitivity to needling, I was surprised that you could still get results without making me uncomfortable. The huge number of prescriptions I’m taking following my life-changing illness caused me to go from IBS to chronic constipation. My endless attempts to solve the problem with fiber supplements, laxatives and ultimately suppositories, had me frustrated and worried. After trying a couple of herbal supplements, you were able to find the combination and dosage that has allowed me to be near normal for the first time in a decade. What a relief to not have that anxiety always in the back of my mind to worry about. I also want to thank you on behalf of my many friends that I referred to you. They have mentioned on many occasions how much acupuncture has helped them with sleeplessness, pain, stress and relaxation problems. Thank you so much – your driving desire to help people through health issues will no doubt take your practice to great success.” ~Tom S.

Issue: Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Tremors, Common Colds

“Dr. Reyna has been my acupuncturist for a few years now. My medical challenges have been varied and complex, as western medicine hasn’t given me adequate pain relief. I’ve had both knees and both hips replaced. In addition, I have benign head and hand tremors, but did not wish to add another medical pill to treat this. Acupuncture gives me pain relief and it helps me sleep at night. I now have very slight tremors occasionally. Acupuncture has an amazing healing effect on my whole body. Dr. Reyna also uses the Chinese technique of Tui Na massage for the many times I overdo exercise or using my muscles. Dr. Reyna has also recommended herbs for sinus problems and colds. I am impressed with how effectively they work! I recommend Dr. Reyna as a compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced practitioner. I will continue to see her throughout my lifetime.” ~Cheryl S.

Issue: Sports Injury (Dancer)

“Dr. Reyna was great in every session. She listened carefully to me about my symptoms and needs, and would research and find the best ways and suggest them to me. She was experimental but at the same time very sensitive to my feelings and body. She was always communicative and sure about her treatments.” ~Sachiko N.

Issue: Neck and Back Pain

“I suffered with a bulging disc for about 4 years and went to a chiropractor to help relieve the pain, until the disc ruptured and the chiropractor said it was too dangerous to treat anymore. So I needed help with the intense pain. I contacted Dr. Reyna, who saw me for 4 days, including over a weekend, to totally relieve the pain so I could go back to construction work on the 5th day. Now I see Dr. Reyna on a regular basis for maintaining a pain free back.” ~Victor L.

Issue: Carpal Tunnel, Sports Injuries (Runner), Health Maintenance

“Dr. Reyna is one of the most talented and knowledgable acupuncturists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her work is exceptional and offers profound healing. No matter what is going on with you, Dr. Reyna’s work will help you. Her work is an appropriate adjunct to Western treatments, as well as offering incredibly effective care on its own. It’s not just needles, either, as her skills as an herbalist are just as all-encompassing. Truly a treatment in Chinese Medicine that anyone can deeply benefit from.” ~Connie K.

Issue: Fear of Needles, Pre- and Post-Surgery

“When I initiated treatment with Dr. Reyna I was very sensitive and fearful of needles because my body was unhealthy – the very purpose for my visits. Dr. Reyna was sensitive to my needs for a gentle insertion technique that included energy work to virtually eliminate any discomfort I felt. Of course, now that I’m stronger and healthier I no longer have any fear of needles.” ~Sam M.

Issue: Weight Issues, Hypothyroidism, Neck Pain

“My experience with Beautiful Ama has been surprising. I went to Beautiful Ama with the idea of helping me lose some weight; i.e., 20-25 pounds. As a result of acupuncture, I feel happier, motivated, interested, have more energy, better posture, lost weight, eliminated food cravings resulting in better eating habits, and lost the ache in my neck that I had acquired from 20 years of poor ergonomics. From this experience, I look forward to acupuncture being a part of my life. Acupuncture definitely exceeded my expectations.” ~Monica K.

Issue: Low Back Pain (Runner)

“Over the last few years I have had lower back pain which radiates into the sacrum area. I tried many modalities to treat my problem. Chiropractic, rolfing and massage. It was not until I heard about trying acupuncture for pain management. Dr. Reyna my acupuncturist that I met around 3 years ago started treatments on my lower back and sacrum area. I had a few apt with her and it has relieved the pain and pressure feeling I have daily. I am a runner and acupuncture not only relieves the pain and pressure but my running has also improved.” ~Lynette T.

Issue: Obesity

“Dr. Reyna has been helping me to lose weight. I’ve been struggling with my weight for most of my life, and wanted to try something different. Not only does she give me acupuncture treatments, but she also gives me food therapy advice and makes suggestions for things I can try at home. This way I can be responsible for my own health. As my body changes, Dr. Reyna is willing to try new things and adjust her treatments for what I need. She helped me to find my own personal ability to succeed, so I know that I can do anything I set my mind to. I have already lost 30 pounds and I know that my weight loss will continue.” ~Laura P.

Issue: Hypothyroidism, Food Allergies, Depression, Anxiety

“I have had hypothyroidism for about 11 years now. I became allergic to the medication after a couple years of treatment. About a year and a half ago, I began to show some very serious signs of food allergies as well. I had around the clock acid regurgitation, bloating, vomiting, severe constipation, and my stomach always hurt along with all the symptoms of thyroid disease including hair loss, fatigue, depression, anxiety, muscle degeneration, and perimenopausal symptoms (due to the underproduction of sex hormones that the thyroid governs). After observing a gluten, dairy and soy free diet I was able to reduce many of the digestive symptoms, but I was still having trouble absorbing nutrients from my food. Despite a high fat and caloric diet I was unable to keep weight on. My vitamin K levels were so low I was having trouble making clotting factors and had serious issues with bleeding. On top of all this, the dysmenorrhea I had during my time of the month was making me vomit bile. I was aging quickly too, showing wrinkles and grey hair at only 27. I was stressed, frustrated and hopeless feeling. Then cysts developed in my breasts and made them uneven in size. My regular doctors just wanted to put me on the thyroid meds I had already explained to them I was allergic to and shoo me out of their office. I started seeing Dr. Reyna for acupuncture treatments this year. Since then everything has made steady improvements. I feel more energy, I’ve put on some muscle and my wrinkles are almost unnoticeable. My digestion has improved by leaps and bounds. My periods aren’t even half as painful anymore. My hair has started to come in thicker and with color, and most importantly, I feel better. I feel better about myself, I feel more calm, less depressed and anxious. The cysts have even started shrinking, sometimes it’s hard to believe after all those years I struggled. Dr. Reyna also has an excellent disposition. I really love going to see her. She is a very attentive listener, she adjusts the treatment to what I feel comfortable with and even makes a point to include cosmetic aspects in her treatment so I don’t just feel better, I look better too. I’m really glad to have her treating me.” ~Esther A.

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