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At Beautiful Ama Acupuncture, we use Traditional Chinese Medicine to help your body heal naturally instead of just treating the symptoms, so you can get back to feeling great and stay that way. You’ll love our combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and food therapy. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes a range of traditional medical practices originating in China, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy, acupressure massage (tui na), restorative exercise & meditation (tai chi and qigong), and lifestyle advice.


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to gently heal the body using its own natural wisdom. Points are chosen based on each individual’s patterns of imbalance to relieve pain, boost the metabolism, regulate hormones, improve moods, benefit sleep, and increase energy. As the body comes back to its natural state of harmony, this health and well-being can be maintained more easily.

Herbal Medicine

Plants have their own healing properties, which they receive from Mother Earth. Herbal medicines combine these plants to create formulas that utilize the properties of each plant in a way that enhances their ability to heal and balance the body. Taking herbal medicines can help you heal faster and more effectively, so that your body can balance itself on a daily basis. We use only the highest quality herbs for our patients. Our suppliers process and manufacture all of their herbal products in the United States or Taiwan. This means efficacy, quality control, higher standards, and reliable third party testing to ensure that your herbs are free of toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, and mold. After all, we take these herbs ourselves.

Food Therapy

Foods can be used in a similar way as herbal medicines. Every food has its own healing properties and can be used to heal the body based on its flavors, energetic temperature, and medicinal properties. Using your individual diagnosis, we can help you choose foods that balance your body, so you can be a part of your own healing. We believe in eating an organic whole foods diet and we can help you learn how to easily incorporate some of these food therapy principles into your own lifestyle.


Cupping (also called fire cupping) is a technique where small glass suction cups are applied to the body to bring more circulation to a specific area. It pulls stagnant fluids and toxins to the surface so the body can flush them out through the lymph system. Cupping is helpful in treating pain, relaxing muscles, and helping the soft tissues heal more quickly. It can also be used to detox and assist in weight loss.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a technique done using a smooth tool that scrapes the skin to release toxins from congested tissues and help improve circulation to reduce pain. It also helps break up scar tissue and adhesions and releases the soft tissue for improved mobility and range of motion.

Ear Seeds and Magnets

Ear seeds are a small piece of medical tape with either a vaccaria seed (called Wang Bu Liu Xing in Chinese) or a magnet on it. They are placed on acupressure points on the ears for longer lasting effects from an acupuncture treatment. Ear seeds can be used with many conditions, but are especially helpful in treating emotional issues, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and addiction to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs as well as assisting with weight loss and food cravings.


Electro-stimulation is the use of a small device with tiny clips that attach to the acupuncture needles. It sends out a pulse to increase stimulation of the points. Electro-stim is typically used to accelerate the effect of acupuncture when treating pain like low back pain and sciatica as well as restless legs syndrome (RLS).


Moxibustion involves burning of the herb mugwort near the skin. It is used to improve circulation and warm the body. It is typically used to treat pain like low back pain, joint pain, and menstrual cramps as well as to improve fertility and to encourage a breech baby to move into an appropriate birth position.

Tui Na Massage

Tui na massage is done as a supplemental modality when using acupuncture to treat pain. It uses acupressure to relax the soft tissues and help with healing musculoskeletal conditions. It is typically used for neck pain, back pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel symptoms, headaches, and other types of pain.

Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle advice is part of all of our treatments because it is the most influential part of the healing process. Depending on what is needed, we talk about food, exercise, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, coping strategies, and in general provide support and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle so you can be happy, healthy, and beautiful.