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Metabolic Acupuncture helps repair the metabolism for more efficient weight loss while also improving the appearance of the abdomen. Since Metabolic Acupuncture is a holistic treatment program, it addresses the underlying causes of weight gain to make weight loss something you can achieve and maintain, even if you’ve struggled with it for a long time. This is not a magic pill, so we will teach you how to balance your life to reduce stress hormones that hinder weight loss and give you recommendations for improving your nutrition and making exercise more fun. While you are improving your lifestyle, Metabolic Acupuncture is working inside of your body to make all your hard work more effective so you can start seeing results more quickly.

Metabolic Acupuncture repairs the metabolism to increase weight loss, reduces stress to decrease cravings and emotional eating, balances the emotions to improve the motivation to stay on track, and improves the elasticity of the skin for a more toned and fit appearance. Since we are also doing an overall acupuncture treatment at the same time, general health including digestion, sleep, energy, and moods generally improve as well. Not only will you look and feel lighter, but your overall health will improve as well by balancing your body and mind while you achieve your optimal weight. Metabolic Acupuncture is totally natural and has no side effects, although occasional light bruising may occur.


The typical results of Metabolic Acupuncture include:
• Repairing the metabolism for more efficient weight loss that can be maintained
• Tightening the skin in areas of weight loss for a more toned look with less sagging
• Balancing emotions to naturally decrease cravings and emotional eating
• Decreasing stress for more emotional resilience to improve the motivation to stay on track
• Improving sleep quality to help repair the metabolism
• Increasing energy to make it easier to exercise and plan healthy meals
• Regulating blood sugar to prevent crashes that hinder weight loss and cause overeating
• Balancing hormones and improving health conditions that affect the metabolism
• Balancing the stress hormone cortisol that causes weight gain and increases abdominal fat


We offer Metabolic Acupuncture as a 16 treatment package. It starts with treatments once a week for 4 weeks (4 treatments total) to balance your body and repair the foundations of the metabolism. After that, we do treatments twice a week for 6 weeks (12 treatments total) to jumpstart the metabolism and assist with weight loss.

We use acupuncture to balance your entire body for more effective weight loss while improving underlying conditions that cause weight gain and make weight loss more difficult. We also do specialized acupuncture on the abdomen that specifically targets abdominal fat for improved weight loss results. In addition to acupuncture, we give recommendations for balancing your nutrition in simple yet effective ways, provide accountability both verbally and by weighing you on our scale, and put ear seeds on acupressure points to reduce cravings, decrease stress, improve motivation, and balance hormones that affect the metabolism. For accelerated results, we also make recommendations for herbal formulas to increase energy, boost the metabolism, and improve the digestion. The additional cost of herbs is minimal. We even take “before” and “after” photos so you can see the improvements for yourself!


The goal of Metabolic Acupuncture is to repair your metabolism so you can continue weight loss on your own if desired. Some people choose to continue doing Metabolic Acupuncture treatments because they like the support that our program provides during their weight loss process. Other people choose to continue with regular acupuncture just because they feel so great and it helps them stay motivated. After the initial 16 treatment package, we will customize a maintenance program for you based on how much support you need and what your continued weight loss goals are for the future.